NEW VISA Specified Skill Worker For Filipinos ( Ex-Trainee as well)


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Hi Good day! We are Mother’s way, an accredited agency,  in the Philippines. We would like to give you a better understanding to know how to work in Japan, there is a new regulation started in this month.

Hi Mother’s way 😃  I heard that Japan has a new regulation for foreigners to work in Japan?



Yes, it went into effect in this April, 2019! It’s called  Specified Skill Worker .

What kind of works do we have?

There are 14 categories.

1. Caregivers
2. Building maintenance
3. Plastic molding
4. Machinery for Semi-Con
5. Electronics
6. Construction
7. Shipbuilding
8. Car maintenance
9. Aircraft ground handling
10. Hotels
11. Agriculture
12. Fishery
13. Food/Drink processing
14. Restaurants

I am an ex-trainee in Japan. Can I re-apply for Japan? My Friend is a first timer to Japan, but is it possible for him to apply?

Yes, there are 2 ways for Filipinos to apply. One is for ex-trainees, and the other is for first timers to Japan.

Can you tell me how to apply?

Ex-trainee can apply, but it requires you to have 3 years in Japan. Some trainees don’t have 3 years. An ex-trainee “Only 1 year” who doesn’t have 3 year, and need to pass  *JLPT N4 level   and a  Specific exam  in a category. * There are J-Test, NAT test and JLPT.

So I have a 3 year-experience to work in Japan, I don’t need to pass the exams, right?

No, you don’t need to take it!

Lucky! But how about my friend? He has never been to Japan…

Those who have never been to Japan are also required to take above   JLPT N4 level   and a  Specific exam .

Where is the exam that my friend can take?

In the April, there will be an exam for caregivers taken place in Ateneo University. Here are samples of the exams skill check / Caregiver vacabs in Japanese

The other exams?

Annouced exams here:

1. Caregivers  4/13-14 

2. Building maintenance  Around September 

3. Plastic molding  within this year 

4. Machinery for Semi-Con  within this year 

5. Electronics  within this year 

6. Construction  within this year 

7. Shipbuilding  within this year 

8. Car maintenance within this year 

9. Aircraft ground handling  within this year 

10. Hotels  within April 

11. Agriculture  Next year 

12. Fishery  Next year 

13. Food/Drink processing  After October 

14. Restaurants  within April 

So if interested, we have to check each category.

Yes, please check our FB page frequently. We will anounce once we get info!

What are the requirements and qualification?

According to the DOLE announcement,

⑴ Over 18 yrs old

⑵ JLPT N4 level passer

⑶ A specific level passer

Who will be the agencies to take care of us?

According to DOLE also, Filipino agencies submit documents to be accredited to POEA. There are none of agencies as of April 5, 2019. We, Mother’s Way, also are waiting for the guideline from POEA. Here is the Guideline for POLO.

I used to be in Japan as a farmer, but I want to work in a restaurant in Japan. Is it possible?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE! but you have to pass JLPT N4 level and the specific exam for restaurant!

So ex-trainee can change the job if he/she wants! So lets study Japanese first!

What all filipinos need to do is to study Japanese!

By the way, What documents do we need? Can you give us 2 ways for  ex-trainees  and  first-timers/ex-trainees who want to change the category ?

FOR  Ex-trainees  (still not yet announced by POEA)

👉COE ( Certificate of Employmnet) which was used when you entered in Japan as a trainee, which is used when you submit in immigration. If there is a conflict or different information on your resume, it might be denied.

👉JITCO Certificate – Technical intern (1) (2)、Certificate of Techinical Skill Test(3)

👉 Passport over at least 6 months

👉Last Visa Xerox and Alien card ( JUST IN CASE)

👉 Documents requested by POEA

 First-timers/Ex-trainees who want to change the category ?

👉 Passport over at least 6 months

👉 JLPT N4 level

👉 Specified Skill Exam

👉 Documents requested by POEA



What are the requirements to take JLPT exams, and how much is the cost? What about the others?



It is P 1,100 for JLPT.  J-test, Please refer to here. NAT test is here.



How much are the salaries in each category?



In Japan, wages vary in areas. This program looks at 1,000 yen per hour.



How much are the expenses in Japan?



Tax, accommodation, some insurances.



How many months would we have to wait to get a visa?



It is really depending on the category. You better think to take around 6 months. Japanese lanaguage is needed. We suggest that you should start learning Japanese as soon as you can.


Can we change a job?

Part-time job is allowed?







Age limit?




Experience is needed?

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