FAQ 〜Housekeeper in Japan〜 How to Apply?


FAQ 〜Housekeeper in Japan〜 How to Apply?

How to Apply?

👉APPLY or drop by to the address Unit 206 Estrella Condominium, 858 San Andres St. Malate, Manila  in Manila. Please check Workabroad. NOT from OVERSEAS.

Where to apply?

👉Our Manila Office ONLY as of today.
Those who are overseas can’t apply. WE HAVE 34 BRANCHES in the philippines,BUT FOR JAPAN  ‘MANILA ONLY’ . Please apply here on our webpage.

Do you have the age limit?

Yes, strictly 23-37 years old ( Employer order). Over age is not allowed.

How much would we expect to get paid?

159,000 Japanese yen(70k-75k, depends on the currency), plus over time.

Where is your agency?

👉We DO have 34 branches in the Philippines. The Manila branch is handling for Japan.
 Unit 206 Estrella Condominium, 858 San Andres St. Malate, Manila 

Is there accommodation for applicants?

👉For Japan, No. Since housekeepers in Japan do not stay in. Please find your own. But in Japan, our counterpart agency can help you find a place to stay HOWEVER it is at your own expense.

• Is there a free lesson about Japanese?

👉If passed, yes we will do give you. We prioritize applicants who can speak Nihongo as the employer wish.

• Training and processing fee are free?

👉Yes, but the medical examination is on you since we do not know if you are fit to work. The fee of the medical is 2,600pesos. Before we accept you for training, you have to provide us a Fit to work certificate. Some misc is on you also.

• COE( Certificate of Employment) is needed?

👉YES. That’s a requirement of POEA. You need to have at least one year experience of housekeeper locally or abroad.

 How many months do we have to be trained?

👉 Training of Housekeeping takes 1-2month(s) with the Training for NC2(Domstic works)

What’s about the contract with the employer?

👉 The salary is 159,000JPY(70k pesos). on your hands, 40-45k pesos( tax, insurance, and accommodation will be deducted. Cellphone is free and given.)
6 days in a week 8hrs a day. Overtime is added 25% on your salary.

👉3 years contract, no extension as of today.

Place of work?

👉 Tokyo or Kanagawa area.

Ex-Trainee can be accepted?

Ex-Trainee can be acceptable, some applicants who were ex-trainees passed the immigration requirements as long as you have at least one year experience of housekeeper.